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Smart Projection 


Our Ambio line of film can handle heavily saturated media without losing definition like traditional films, allowing a broader spectrum to what can be projected onto the films surface


From protecting sensitive data from view, private meetings, or personal spaces like bathroom/bedrooms, when in its off state (fully opaque) our Ambio line of film allows total privacy with a flip of a switch allowing transparent surfaces to become unique and versatile privacy dividers. 

Energy Savings 


Since our Ambio line of film has varying levels of transparency, blocking out the harsh afternoon sun prevents the room from warming, lowering AC costs paying for itself overtime.

Easy Installation


Improved Security


UV Protection 


Improved Wellness




Anchor Line Solutions provides one of the most UV proof and IR resistant smart film that's currently on the market with over 20 years of tested durability in even the harshest of environments. We started with the idea of changing the way consumers interact with traditional glass storefronts, but once we learned of the expansive versatility that our film possesses it turned into so much more. Present day, we have partnered with one of the world's leading smart film companies, Ambio Film, to bring this amazing technology to the forefront of American retail marketing and to enhance the privacy options for professional, institutional, and residential uses.

Procure Film

Design Custom Solution

Install Film



Is It Suitable For Exterior Windows? 

Yes, Ambio's film has been tested for over 20 years of UV exposure.

Can It Be Installed On Existing Glass?

Yes, our film can be retrofitted to almost any existing glass installation.

What Are the Control Options?


Ambio's film has an array of different control options. From a standard on off switch to a remote control or even smart device integration like Alexa.

What Is Smart Film?


Smart film is a thin opaque material that can be applied to any transparent surface to accomplish an array of objectives, including privacy, smart projection, UV blockage, and many more, that when switched on turns to a transparent surface or can be dimmed to block light.

How Thick Is The Film? 

At an industry leading .4mm thickness, Ambio's film we provide is one of the thinnest on the market. This thinness allows the film we provide to be applied to non flat surfaces unlike other films.




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